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What can be caught with the Yo-zuri Crystal Minnow

Started by intermilan, October 06, 2008, 10:42:29 CET

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Can somebody please explain what species can be caught with the Crystal Minnow. And the method to use the lure.


Once I caught a Sawrella ta Imperjal but some ppl on the forum use them quite effectively when trolling with boat. Also a friend of mine caught the occasional Cerivjola with them.


When fishing with a crystal minnow, make a cast to actively feeding fish, fry pods, points, sandbars or other forms of cover and structure. Point your rod tip towards the water and use your wrists in a downward snapping motion to work the bait. Use the reel to retrieve slack line, but use your wrists and rod to provide action to the bait. Do not simply wind the reel handle to retrieve the lure. Allow the crystal minnow to dart and dance from two-to-five feet below the surface  one that works especially well when using a chrome colored lure during times of bright skies yielding maximum reflection.  ;) Hope this helps. with regards to what type of fish you can catch mainly ideal for Bass but they are good for all predator type fish. If you use them off the boat trolling even Tuna is caught on them. Which type do you have ? Is it the floating one or the deep diver one.  
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The floating one, I basically fish in the Cirkewwa - Marfa area, from land. The Marfa area goes form deep to shallow, but Cirkewwa is really deep. So I got the floating one.


This thread made me realise I have a red-head crystal minnow I can use - think mine is a floater too. Never used it at all. Would cudas take it?
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From what I have been reading on this forum, probably they would


Intermilan,did you ever try casting with yozuri pinns minnow?They swim in a different way.And it's jack of all trade 8) What do you think bigboy? ???
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If possible id take the pinns minnow in bed with me :)


Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


hahahaha nice joke pffffffttttttt.....................[imbad nejdlek lilek taaaaaaaa]


yes camkev i agree with you haha maybe bigboy will catch something loool :P ;D :P ;D :P ;D ;D
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