Whale slaughter in Denmark.

Started by wahx, November 21, 2008, 11:58:38 CET

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Recently in Denmark there was a very cruel whale slaughter. Denmark is in the EU, so why do they want to impose rules on Malta when other members of the EU do worse than us. We fish for fish and eat them but these are killing animals that in the nearby future might become extinct!!!



VIewing the video made me almost vommit. Disgusting! Still we shouldn't hide behind other ppl's problems, if we have our's we need to solve them.


Yes we can solve our problems but we could have managed by ourselves and not with the help of people that make such mess and if I am not mistaken no action have been taken. Even tough you cannot bring back all those whales to life!!
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Recently there was a post by SPNOTTA talking about ecology. Did he see these

and this video


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They make so much fuss in catching tuna........ So what can be done for this cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think they are dolphins not whales


The youtube link says whales. Dolphins are smaller I think.

Diplodus Sargus

This is disgusting we are killing everything....at the end, nature will turn against us and then it will be too late for remedy!! These animals are nearly extinct and we are leading them to sure extinction by doing such crudelty.
Sargu imperjali


It's a Calderon ie a dolphin species


Its a f***ing disgrace whatever they are!! especialy when you consider the obvious double standards which alows this sort of thing to happen!!!!!


freeman was right mate. those are dolfins. even the killer whale is a dolfin, even if everybody thinks its a whale.

but then again dolfins and whales are relatives, they are both mammals
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Yepp those are a spcies of dolphins.

A really big disgrace