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Started by mellieha, January 22, 2009, 18:05:24 CET

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Dear Friends,

I have a problem I do not know how to cook shell fish (mussels, vongole, even imhar etc).  Me and my fiancee (my current buddy) go mad for it but I do not know how to cook them.  Any help please???

Does anyone know if mussels and vongole are present in our seas and how can, if they can be caught?




regarding imhar you will surely find among our coasts. the problem is that they have become very scarce...what i mean is that it has become a real problem to find some nice sized imhar as many people from shore just catch everything that they find on the shores. a proof of this is in summer, when you go swimming etc., on the rocks you will see dozens of white patches on the rocks...this is where the imhar where attached before some one decided to catch everything and not picking the real big ones from here and there to let a new population develop of imhar.

another very serious problem is pollution. most of the shellfish you mentioned are filter feeders. this means that they feed by filtering the surrounding water. if some one eats, for example, mussels or sea urchins (which mind you, have become very scarce aswell) which come from a polluted area, then you are risking big time eating them. a guy ate sea urchins from xghajra last year and had to be hospitalized for a week.

so if you get to know of places that are productive of shellfish be really carefull that the area is absolutely clean.

hope this was of any help,
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Mellieha my preferred way of cooking shellfish is "in bianco".
What I do is first let them defrost, then I preheat a waterless pan, then I add some butter, some garlic and some oil to the pan until the butter melts, then a little bit of white wine, then I just put all the shellfish in and stir them around for a short while, 5 or max 10 mins. This is how I cook shellfish when I want to add them to Spaghetti
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@ Jonathan prosit very nice, delicious and easy way of cooking shellfish. If I may add just one tip, that is have a portion of a very good brand of spaghetti ready cooked and as soon as the shell fish is ready put the pasta in the same pan with the shellfish mix all together on a low flame until the pasta soak all the juice, about 2 to 3 minutes will be enough.   :P ;D
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Thanks guys for the help.

I will give this type of cooking a try tonight. 

Do you think that if I add some tomatoes I will ruin thye taste.  My fiance hates white food.

Regarding Imhar I know of a couple of good spots where polution is limited.  But year after year everything seams to decrease. 

In Thanking You



not at all just skin a tomato deseed it and dice it up in small pieces.


Mellieha, I understand you perfectly as I'm in exactly the same situation. My wife prefers it when we add some tomatoes. However, I personally prefer it to be without tomatoes as I find that tomatoes somewhat spoil the taste giving it a sweetish tinge rather than the salty / garlicy one which I prefer. I think it's better if you try it yourself both ways and see which you prefer
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Guys I tried it.

You know what but.

I had to do both ways.  I wanted the al bianco and she wanted the al tomatino. 

I personally liked them both ways.  They were delicious.  Thanks guys for the help.

b.d.w she did not like the al bianco.  Boooqqqqqq the only difference where the tomatoes.  I do not tatally understand females.

Thanks for the help


If someone knows other receipies i like to experiment and try new things.


you can also add some parsley and white sauce or some martini white if you like , and pernot if your cooking prawns whilst frying in oil/butter
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