Extreme Fishing

Started by skip, March 15, 2009, 23:43:08 CET

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Check out this crazy guy from New Zealand. I won't spoil it! Stick with the whole video it's worth watching!



Awesome m8!  ;D I can't wait for his show to come out! & i there was me thinking Bear Grylls was nuts!  ;D :o


He sure is a crazy New Zelander!!


His latest stunt was catching a marlin with a rod and real....off a surf board!!!

We're here for a good time...Not a long time


how  did they recorded him doing that?


It took 11 months of planning and attempts. They had a boat in the area chumming bait to keep the Marlin near the surface and in the right area and then a diver in the water. In fact that was one of the questions the interviewer asked!


would it be funier if the marlin decided to look up towords the helicopter? He is just a stunt show off I realy don't like these kind of shows there is no respect towords that beutiful creature. 
Buccaneer 147 powered by Yamaha 85


Sooner or later he will have a close encounter with a 3ft bill from one of those huge fish and than he will go back to rod and reel, but still to say the least it is amusing to watch and stupid to perform.


absolute madness . crazy mind
always want to fish.... why.... cos fun ux!!!


He's got to be careful of his spear.... do you remember that aussie guy who got killed by the sting ray? Just imagine a fish that big.... a hundred times the force of a stingray!


But the stingray is poisinous mate ;)


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