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Social Events - 2009

Started by skip, April 06, 2009, 18:15:28 CET

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For the bar get together's we will choose two venues, one in the North and one in the South and they will be a general meeting place. We hope to have negotiated discounted rates at these venues, or something like free nibbles but those who attend will not have to pay for a set menu etc, it will be strictly at their own discretion based on consumption.

21st May 8.00pm onwards
Bar get together (South)

24th June
Alungi Competition Safety Briefing / Meet - Punch and Judy Rabat

18th July
Organised BBQ (North) and Alungi Presentation Event

28th August
Organised BBQ

3rd October
Organised BBQ (North)

12th November 8.00pm onwards
Bar get together

28th December 8.00pm onwards
Bar get together Xmas special

5 February 2010 - Organised Event and Coastal Safety Briefing - Lija Football Club

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That's a good schedule.
Wish that there is ample participation from the members in these events.
Bear in mind guys that people spend time and a lot of involvement to promote those get togethers, and one can get disappointed by non attendance, and this might reflect future promotions.

Well done. I confirm my attendance whenever I can.
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Count me in It was great last Time
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I should be in Malta on the 21/05/2009 so I will come ;) This will be the first time I can get to know a few members as I only met 3 so far Busumark, Johnathan & Ganni. 
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Hopefully I will be in Malta on that date if so, and I can get to the venue I will bring the shirt for you Tatanka.   ;D
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Thanks Redbus much appriciated  ;)
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Has the venue for the bar get together on 21st of May been decided yet? thanks.
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Unfortunately no, one place that we had short listed fell through due to the person who we booked with not knowing there was a private event on so we got booted.

We'll see what's happening.....if anyone has any suggestions or know of a place they would like to meet at we'll just go ahead and do that.


If you want I can go and speak to the owner of Kastell Wine Bar @ Tarxien, I think its a nice place for one of our meetings.

Chris  8)


Chris by all means at this stage we need all the help we can get thanks :)


regarding the may function,, Will it be dinner and drinks after because if so I can organize a buffet dinner at the sunflower hotel where I work. full buffet dinner in a restaurant that holds 100pax give or take and drinks after in the bar if you're interested.
PM me for details of menu and prices. It can be done on short notice in the case of emergency.


Hi craus, the bar events are literally just arranging a place for forum members to optionally meet as the season approaches and during the season. The idea was to have a designated place and time so that if members go along they know there is a good chance of meeting forum members there to chat with.

However for any future events we will def bear in mind the Sunflower hotel :)


If you just want a place to meet up,Sneakers Pub in Depiro Street Sliema is usually quiet on a Thursday and I,m sure that the owner would wellcome the extra trade. Cisk and Hopleaf are one euro per bottle and shorts start at 1-20 euro. He might be able to put some snacks on for us.Perhaps you want to check it out.Its on the corner of Isouard St and Depiro St.  ;D
If you can't eat it don't kill it.


Needs to be a place in the South keith, we need a south venue and north venue, not central