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Started by Moonwalker, May 28, 2010, 22:58:03 CET

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I posted a comment on another topic but no one answered so I start this new topic.

Anyone knows if there are any ROV (remote operated underwater vehicle) in the range of 200 - 300meters in Malta? Or maybe something much simpler like a camera only capable of taking video recording in such depths?
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in italian fishing magazines there are advertisements for underwater cameras but if i remember well they are used up to 150 mtrs but i check again about the depht. you put the camera in the water and you have a monitor on the boat. its a bit expensive depends what model you buy. price range is 2000 - 3000 euros


I was more thinking of building it myself. For depths around 300m they come much more expensive.
Thats why I 'm asking is someone already have in Malta.
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Is there really no interest is such things on this forum?
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From my experience I can say i have never heard of it being attemoted in such depths.

It would be marvellous to have someone engaging in such RA & D locally.

Good Luck


moon do u want to actually move it by remote control that is with motor. Or are u thinking of a camera encased in a watertight compartment and lowering it down with cable and watching whats is directly underneath it. is this for deepsea fishing??
One has to enquire about the transmission cable that can send a video up from those depths


Yep friends of mine operate such a ROV and undertake research projects both in Malta and other close parts of the Med. More info on http://www.auroratrust.com/index.html
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@jonathan - Interesting friends you have :) I'm not pointing to anything professional as Aurora but just as a hobby to take videos of the deep sea - fish and other things.

@Shanook - Maybe I will start by something dragged by the boat but I doubt that this is any practical in such depths. An ROV is my final target.
I have 2 main problems -
first the trust motors since for such depths these have to be magnetically coupled - if someone has more details about these pls let me know.
second the transmission cable - I am thinking about fibreoptic so as to minimize the drag and cable weight but this is all new to me so if anyone has more ideas I be happy to know.
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you can buy ready made plans if you are a diy man.


Petecraft 20 - twin Mariner 150HP EFI


damn you,you got me interested in making one for myself now!lol!