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Boat Insurance

Started by malvizzu, May 31, 2010, 14:35:18 CET

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Any suggestions with whom to insure a boat for good aftersales, hassle free and no hidden agenda? I understand everyone has his say but still I'ld like your opinion.
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Gasan Mamo  ;) Never had any problems.
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I know they are reliable but the only problem with Gasan Mamo is that they do not insure 9.9HP and under. I've been to their office this morning and the girl behind the counter said that due to large thefts of small engines they are not insuring them.
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D works with Casan Mamo so  you can ask him. He is located at claims dept./

There is also breathless mate which works for insurance broker KDM, so he might help you out also, they are both good friends of mine, and members of this forum. Send them a PM.
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forgot loredana Lapira :-)
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Gasan Mamo is no doubt your best bet, been insured with them for ages and the claims are handled in no time at all. basically hassle free and no hidden agenda
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@ baghira - i have already been in contact with Loredana but their premiums are quite high
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Destination Sea

Try Atlas. they insure aux (get a good lock for it. Try ebay they have goods locks about GBP 20) and you can leave the boat moored upto 30 sept 2010.(compared to 15.sept 2010 Gasan) - .  ps gasan insures the aux but it has to be removed and locked up in the boat. It does not make sense since if you require the use of the aux ex main engine kaput you wont be able to fit the aux to the boat out there and end up  loosing the outboard overboard . Their is also the risk of hurting yourself or worse thrown overboard by its weight. Thus you end up claiming for the aux due to it fallen overboard instead of stolen. and worse you end up with no back up and have to row back to port!!! in other words SUKITO TWICE.
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I insure my boat with Mediterranean insurance brokers at ta xbiex....I deal with them over the internet....Yes I can recommend them because i think they have good prices and very flexible policies.


@ Destination Sea - yes in fact one of my arguments with Gasan Mamo was that it is not practicable to move auxiliary to and fro - first because it's heavy and second it might go overboard if a sudden movement on the boat occures. Laferla, Elmo and Atlas insure auxiliaries as I have checked already. A good, heavy duty stainless steel padlock is acceptable as a means of security. Other than that nothing more can be done on a 14 footer.
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I have been insured with Atlas for over 8 years now, and I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND them.  According to MMA, I have been overcharged in yearly premiums, and when I did put in a claim this year, I was told that what I was claiming for was not covered by this insurance.  I was/am on a full comprehensive cover!! ??? ???.

So, I am following this debate very seriously since come July, I will switch insurances.  It has been recommeneded to try MIB, and also Gasan Mamo.
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I was with Gasan Mamo.....never had problems, however, the best conditions have been offerred by Middle Sea.....they also insure the props and the auxs..... :)


I have quotations from Elmo, Laferla (part of Middle Sea), Gasan Mamo and Atlas. Money wise, Laferla are by far the cheepest for boats. And I think their conditions are quite satisfactory. But never had any claims with my other boat so I can't judge if they are hassle free insurers.
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im with MIB but never had claims so i cant really judge.


My previous boat was insured with Gasan for over 14 years, never had any problems, even had a couple of claims settled.
New boat is insured with M.I.B. their policy suits my new boat better, eg. aux is insured and boat is insured all year if moored in an approved marina.
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