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Title: Posting Competitions & Tournaments
Post by: skip on February 07, 2009, 10:14:02 CET
A decision has been taken and is now in effect concerning competitions and tournaments displayed on the forum.

All MFF organised competitions will appear here and you will be able to post replies once a topic has been created/announced by the admin or senior moderator team, unless it has been deliberately locked.

If a club is holding a competition and you would like to inform people on the forum about it, please contact the admin or senior moderator team and ask for them to create the listing. However,please note that we will NOT  be announcing such competitions unless Malta Fishing Forum Members in posession of a forum membercard are allowed to participate in the said competition at reduced rate. We do not expect forum members to pay the full price, nor do we expect them to get the same rate as their own club members, however it must be a preferential rate.

If you want to organise an ad-hoc competition amongst yourselves and use the forum as a communication method, you will need to contact the admin or senior moderator team to have your competition posted. The nature of the competition will be reviewed and discussed, and you may be charged to have your competition listed on the site.

If a topic is not locked, all forum members can post new replies as normal.