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Title: Sargi
Post by: jdf on August 07, 2006, 20:33:43 CET
Hi to all,
I'm a newbie to this forum.  Have been spooking through most of the subjects with great interest.  Came across someone who was night fishing for sargi on the 8th of July.  Guess that was quite close to a full moon.
Most people argue that "night fishing (especially for breams) yield better results with no moon".  Would be more than grateful if you could comment on this statement if True or False. 
Tnx to all & keep up the good work.

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: ciappinu on August 07, 2006, 21:44:15 CET
That might have been me. I'm of the opinion that as long as the moon is growing, it's good for anything. Once you reach a full moon, the tough time starts. That my opinion and my experience, but sometimes it could be luck.

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: Simon G on August 08, 2006, 14:09:11 CET
The only difference i found is that with a full moon the sargi tend to take baits 2 feet and more off the bottom and you need to use thin fluorocarbon (12-14) as visibility increases.

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: jdf on August 08, 2006, 15:11:47 CET
Hi guys,
Thanks for your replies.  Last year (late August) a friend of mine and myself really enjoyed ourselves on St. Paul's Island.  The night was pitch dark and we managed to catch more than a dozen nice sargi accompanied with a load of morays.  We used 'hniex ta' l-imperjal' as bait and medium tackle.

I also found the following article on the net which might be interesting.

Bream can be found in practically all of the estuaries and seaboard rivers along the coast. They essentially live in sea water, but can survive in near fresh water.. In fact, at breeding and spawning time, the brackish waters are what they prefer. Dawn and Dusk are definitely the best times to fish for them. If there are any overhanging trees or deep holes in the river or estuary, fish near them as this is where the bream will lie during the day and feed from at night. Be sure that the bait is always fresh, and in the case of worms, live.

Bream feed together in schools at depths usually from 2 to 6m. Beach bream prefer cockles, pilchard fillets and beach worms and as mentioned earlier, bite best at dawn, or dusk, combined with a rising tide. The rising tide brings the fish out of the deeper gutters and channels and up on to sandbars in search for food.

The best months to fish for bream are during August and September, but they can be caught in lesser numbers all year round. During the winter months, bream school in deep fast running water near sand bars where rivers and estuaries enter the open sea. The best times here are at night and dawn, especially with big night tides which correspond with periods a few nights before and up to the full moon and new moon.

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: jiggy on September 10, 2006, 06:56:50 CET
hi thanks a lot for this information coz im only 1year old fisherman :) and the most thing i have fun fishing is for bream at night and your info is very usefull,
why when i go with my 13 ft bahri in the morning i always catch little gharusa,brieqex,etc?
coz i stay near the shore?or maybe coz i fish with gambli?or somtin else?

thanks guys.

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: Simon G on September 16, 2006, 09:26:40 CET
how far out do you go ? if i want to catch something nice while bottom fishing i look for places which are a mixed bottom eg rocks sand and weed sikka il bajda is a good place to start .

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: jiggy on September 17, 2006, 16:05:35 CET
thanks a lot sim but i go from b bugia ,is it near ?
and another thing how can i go fishing on a sandy beach without a boat  eee:)?
thanks again

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: Simon G on September 23, 2006, 15:35:38 CET
a good place close to you is under hal far you will find alot of sargi and pagell there if you use the boat anchor about 100mt from shore .

Title: Re: Sargi
Post by: jiggy on September 25, 2006, 15:44:47 CET
thanks sim when it will be a good weather sure ill give it a try!