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Title: Greetings and help please
Post by: Dakaras on August 13, 2006, 13:35:34 CET
Hi chaps

Great forum was chuffed to find it, please excuse the multi questions in the 1 thread, didnt want to spam the mods to death ;)

Im coming over on 1st Sept from UK staying at Nadur for a week. In the UK I fish rivers for carp, barbel and chub, plus pike in the winter. Also beach casting from sandy beaches as well as rocks. Im itching to get a line cast in the Med for the 1st time.

Tackle wise I was thinking my short light spinning rod coupled with a reel with 12lb line. Wire traces required? I was guessing yes. Any tips on lures? Also to keep the weight down any tackle/bait shops close to Nadur?

Then was going to bring a pike rod with a fairly stiff action that is great for bass fishing in UK both running lead on bottom or sliding float.

What sizes of hooks, weights and other odds and ends would you suggest? Again bring it with me or can i get locally?

Can anyone recommend some good shore marks. Id like to be able to catch a few fish for the table as well as maybe some catch and release for anything I could catch off the bottom on fish baits.

Most of all im looking to just catch a few fish and chill out so Id rather walk from Nadur to marks than have to drive.

Thanks for any help, any other hints tips or advice welcome.

Cheers Dak

Title: Re: Greetings and help please
Post by: Simon G on August 14, 2006, 16:12:49 CET
Hi and welcome
As far as rods you are bringing the right tackle gozo is a small island so you can get from one place to an other very easily by car
as for tackle there are a couple of good shops but with a very limited selection (the best one is in marsalforn.)
as for fish
1 in harbours and bays during the day you might find mullet, bream, and maybe a bass.
at night you might spin for barracudas.

2 you are coming over in lampuki season (DOLPHIN FISH) there are a couple of places where they catch them from on land which are qbajjar and xatt l ahmar but the best option is to rent a boat or a fishing charter you will need some local knowlage as for lures or bait to use (or you can look up the postings on the forum)

3 we have a few poisinous fish which are 1 rock fish (scorpaena ssp.) weaver fish, and sting rays. It is worth checking out what they look like to avoid an unpleasent surprise.

If you need more help just let us know
Simon g

Title: Re: Greetings and help please
Post by: Dakaras on August 15, 2006, 23:16:32 CET
Thank you for the response Simon :) I know the weaver and stingray, ill look up a rockfish now, Ive had a good read through the forum, can you suggest a good skipper to book a day offshore with? Also what sort of cost I can expect. Ive fished for mullet with the bag off bread and mashed fish here in UK on a waggler. Where should I be looking bait wise, other than the rock pools of course :)

Also spinning for barracuda sounds great fun, any lures you can recommend?

Cheers for the help so far, Im itching to get started, aside from a day trip to malta we/I am planning to spend the whole week fishing and snorkling   ;D

Title: Re: Greetings and help please
Post by: Simon G on August 16, 2006, 19:06:08 CET
For mullet the best bait is bread
as for lures check out the barracuda section in the forum
as regards bait in gozo you dont find much

as for a charter you can check out fishing mania
or ask skip if he can

if you tell me what dates you are coming over i might be coming over to spearfish in gozo and you are welcome to join
(my sister is coming over from ireland from the 9-16th sept so i might be a bit busy)

Title: Re: Greetings and help please
Post by: Dakaras on August 18, 2006, 21:27:27 CET
Im staying in Nadur from 1st to 8th Sept, no plans just chilling Ill post for skip now :) So will I have to go to Malta to buy bait?

If you do happen to come over to Gozo between those dates Id love to join you if your sure that would be ok..