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Title: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on October 15, 2006, 09:22:44 CET
well since i moved to malta 2 years ago i started fish with the pole then now i use a reel but i bought every thing as cheap as possible and i have a fishing box full of things i never even used but now i really started to enjoy fishing so i would like to know the basic stuff to buy i want to try replce every thing i dont want the cheapest stuff but i dont want to pay so much either. so to start from nothing what do i need ie the type of line i should use a good type of reel and decent rod and things that i need in my tackle box basicly i need a shopping list from you guys pls help me as i dont want to buy aload of rubbish thats no good to me....... i only fish from the shore so any advice will be much loved

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: sergio on October 15, 2006, 17:37:40 CET
well it depends what you want to fish for , i find that going to different locations or fishing for different species requires a large collection of fishing accessories ! however , off the top of my head , i'd advise you to invest in a good carbon fibre pole rod (  i bought my 6m one for about lm 20 from mr fish)  and a couple of good reel rods for shore fishing ( about 3 or 4 metres) and a good shimano reel. buying good tackle is expensive but at the end of the day , spending more money means more reliable tackle dont want to lose a good fish because a cheap reel jammed on you ! as for hooks , i totally recommend Owner hooks from Mr Fish. Gamakatsu are also great hooks , but i dont think u can buy them in malta.   get a few packets of different sizes ( 6 , 8 , 10 , 12, 14) as you will change hook sizes depending on the species you are targeting . also get a few worm hooks ( they are coloured red ) to use with king ragworm as they blend in with the bait - very useful . for line i use Take from Pirotta fishing centre , but i guess any good quality line will do. i generally use sizes .22 and .18 for shore fishing with a reel rod , depending on species ( for bottom fishing from a boat i use .25 or .30).  buy a few sinkers that are sort of green tubes with the lead attached on one side,  as they will not get stuck as much to the bottom. umm i think i've covered most of the basics , if i remember anything else i'll post it lol

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: placebo on October 16, 2006, 06:01:40 CET
well Kempy you are in some trouble then!
just kidding mate! well I enjoy every cent spend in fishing tackle as long as it is my favourite hobby.

Can't really help you out with this one but some advice is that you can go in some local tackle shops and start comparing prices and stuff. For as little as LM40 you can get a top brand rod and reel for shore to start with. You can get cheaper stuff which will still be good for around LM20 rod + reel. The most important thing is that you decide wheter to keep on adding to your stuff and improve in this sport/ hobby. You might end up having some like 20 different rods and reels with a big tackle box full of hooks, monos, floats, etc...... worth like an LM200. Also some other important tip is that you start caring for rods, reels and tackle. Salwater is the biggest enemy so always clean from saltwater when you return back home, especially if u are not using things so frequently.

i guess you can start a good tackle box with around LM20.

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on October 16, 2006, 13:27:11 CET
no you guys got me wrong i dont mind spending money but dont wanna buy like a 300 lm rod or a 200  lm reel so any advice will be great a bout one from perotta like last year ( a rod) cost me 25lm and with in that year its just seems to have fallen to bits (and i clean every thing every time i use it) thanks for the ideas so far so any more clues ??

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: sergio on October 16, 2006, 21:00:53 CET
well dude , i used to buy from Pirotta to except that the exact same thing happened to me - my rods started falling to pieces ! they seem to have really bad stock or something . from then on i've been purchasing all my tackle from mr fish. they have good service and lots of products.

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: placebo on October 17, 2006, 05:31:15 CET
morning kempy,

If u are into buying a very good reel rod I recommend the FLY HULK from mister fish. It's not cheap stuff as it costs around LM80 but it's one of the best rods available on the island. Very nice action. I got an action 2 and an action 1 which are fantastic for light ledgering. I also use the action 2 on running float and got loads of nice sized mullets on very light tackle.
As for reels i recommend the Shimanos. I have like 7 different models all 1000 series and never got any trouble. I service them once a year and just seem to keep on going without any trouble. I got most of them from EBAY for just around LM5- LM10 each, but new models are available at very good prices from mister fish.

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: Granitu on October 17, 2006, 07:58:14 CET
Well if you want to sva some money, buy your fishing lines from ebay. Search for powerpro spectra, it is one of the best lines you will find on the market plus it is very cheap on ebay. I bought 1500yards of spectra 15lb for just 132dollars, a real bargain considering the fact that the standard price of this fishing line is LM19.00 per 100m from fishing world! Spend a little bit more but it is worth the money

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: sergio on February 02, 2007, 17:45:46 CET
Placebo, I went to Mister Fish to check out the FLY HULK,as I'm in the market for a high quality rod. It costs Lm 74....which is a bit expensive for me as i am a student , but if it's as good as you say it is , i'll save up and buy it ...i'd rather buy a good piece of equipment than a cheap rod. However , the guy there said that it's supposed to be used for running float . I mostly fish for bottom fish.....mostly by night but i also go a fair bit by day , mainly from rocky areas. Do you still recommend this rod ? I really liked it coz it was light and seemed high quality , but the shop attendant was concerned if it would hold up to bottom fishing . any comments ?

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on February 04, 2007, 14:23:38 CET
bottom fishing you do alot can you tell me a good place to fish like that i live in the south any ideas?

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: placebo on February 08, 2007, 12:11:36 CET
hi there, forget the fly hulk for fishing rocky bottoms, it's a very good rod for light ledgering and some use it for float fishing although it is not the ideal rod.

else for rock fishing you can choose the no3 action fly hulk. better look into a Grauvell rod for around LM30 which gives you just the same thrill for a much cheaper price (perfect quality).....

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on February 09, 2007, 22:26:31 CET
i have been doing alot of botton fish of late and i keep getting stcuk alot of the times i was told there was some time of speacil weight that stops you getting stuck as much is this true??

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: sergio on February 10, 2007, 09:00:16 CET
Placebo- this might be a stupid question , but what does " Ledgering " mean ? Is it a fishing technique ? does it have anything to do with the running ledger rig ? coz i hear about ledgering rods and baitfeeder rods ect ect and i dont know what they are exactly.

Kempy - yes there are weights with green pipes stuck to them which dont get stuck much on the bottom. go to mr fish and ask them for them, they have them, about 40c or something like that. theyre very good , theyre pretty much all i use and i rarely lose any.

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on February 11, 2007, 09:49:27 CET
so what is the type of weight i saw people fishing with its long and the shape of a worm ?

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: sergio on February 11, 2007, 14:52:36 CET
if it's green than it's the same one im talking about . i forgot exactly what they call it  . but it's quite useful

Title: Re: New Fishing
Post by: kempy on February 11, 2007, 15:38:10 CET
thank you i will be off to mr fish some time this week i think so as soon as the wind goes down a bit i will test it out