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Title: shore fishing
Post by: podgebrum on September 05, 2009, 06:37:02 CET
I visited Malta for the first time in April this year and took along my telescopic rod, normal chunky english light sea fishing, 10lb line, size 2 hooks etc etc. I caught nothing, was fascinated by the use of poles for sea fishing.i am returning on 6th sept until 12th, staying at hilton (staff rates!!!) and will be occasionally fishing from the jetty there using what i would call more in the style of roach fishing, using a telescopic fly rod (size#6 line rating) with an extension handle and a small fixed spool reel and 5lb line with size 10 hooks, barbless, the idea being more for sporty 'tiddler' snatching, using shrimp or similar for bait and float fishing around 6 ft deep. am i on the right lines? would be happy for last minute suggestions and more than happy to say hello when i'm there.  mobile number 00447779805119 :) i will post a 'report' after my visit for advice of others. does a paste type bait work?

Title: Re: shore fishing
Post by: placebo on September 05, 2009, 15:57:18 CET
yep mate. float fishing inside hilton portomaso marina is great.

if you get a permission to fish in  marina it's one of the most fsscinating places for fishing.

Once we did a competition there and we did not stop catching mullet.
We ended up with over 10kgs.

shrimps are also good for pole fishing .....