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Title: Beginner's Non-Luck
Post by: D_Styles on May 05, 2010, 23:55:14 CET
Well, today was a no-show! I had 2 cheap telescopic rods, one with a small lure, the other with a float and a size 10 hook. The lure rod snapped in two. My brother has a longer rod to use, should I use it with bait, or a lure?

Yesterday I fished around St. George's Bay, my brother caught a small fish, I'll post a picture later. Today I fished around Tigne Point. There was some guy who said I should mix bread and cheese to make a paste, but otherwise, not a nibble all day!

Anny fishing spots I should know about? I'm here till Sunday. and I'd love to catch at least one fsh before I go home :)

Thanx, Dan