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Title: Thankyou MFF & Okuma 1976
Post by: Romel on June 11, 2011, 12:58:28 CET
I would like to take this opportunity to thank The MFF team and Okuma 1976 for their very nice gesture towards me for being the 2000th member to join the Forum.

MFF sent me an MFF club flag which I will be proud to hoist on my boat, and Norbert aka Okuma 1976
the local agent for Okuma fishing tackle presented me with an OKUMA Classic XP 450L.  Now I realise why Okuma  owners rave so much about their reels, this is not a high end Okuma but the build quality looks very good.

Norbert had read my post about a problem I had with a vintage Daiwa Adventure 103.
The problem was that one of the bolts that secures the reel to the rod was bent. (I really should stop dopping my rods) making it very difficult to remove the reel from the rod.
Norbert had one look at the reel went to his store and came back with a complete securing kit which included nuts bolts and saddle.
The best part was that it did not cost me a cent. Okuma you are a gentleman and a scholar.
Again thanks to the MFF team & Okuma 1976 you are gentlemen