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Title: Police Patrolling
Post by: malvizzu on August 08, 2011, 06:08:01 CET
Law is definitely not applicable to all equally. Yesterday, sometime in the morning, two big powerboats with yellow and orange colours and berthed at Beachhaven, Xemxija (St Paul's Bay), drove towards the bay at extermely high speed, ignoring the 5knts marker in the middle of the bay. Some 10 minutes later a gray police dingy came to patrol. Some small and medium boats were stopped for not observing the 5knts speed whilst entering or exiting the port. They stayed there for some 1 hour. Funnily enough, as soon as the police left, the previous powerboats along with other big ones (a light blue, a white and some others) raced in and out of the port at extremely high speeds, making a nuisance with the noise and being extremely dangerous as they passed just metres outside the swimming zone at the Barracudas. Someone on the beach commented that they have a permit for practicing for an upcoming race. If so, does it mean they can disobey the law as they deem fit and ignoring the 5knts limit?

It seems that these individuals know exactly when the police are coming and leaving. Probably some friends of friends.   :-\

Title: Re: Police Patrolling
Post by: Shaftbomb on August 08, 2011, 15:52:20 CET
Malvizzu this is not only happening in Xemxija....At times Blue lagoon is the pinnacle of lawlessness.  Police are nowhere to be seen and you cannot talk to nobody because you might risk being punched in the face.  I see it as an attitude problem - oh because I own a boat I am king of the sea now - and oh when I see people staring at my boat I have to show off increase speed to impress....what a bunch off......

Title: Re: Police Patrolling
Post by: geekorgy on August 10, 2011, 12:40:56 CET
I have seen loads of big power boats zooming in about mellieha bay, as my balcony overlooks the bay : and they roar in, super loud, very fast, certainly well above any 5knts limit ... they go around overtaking other boats on both sides at once, they appear to be a nuisance but its never happened to me while iv been on my boat.

Im sure it shouldn't be allowed, im not a spoil sport im sure its fun but there are safer ways to do it rather than in and out of other boaters and around swimming areas!