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Title: Mid November Holiday
Post by: g4jnw on October 02, 2011, 08:07:31 CET
Haven't been to Malta in 25 years and never fished Malta, will be located in Buggiba and was thinking of bringing my shakespeare travel rod, do a lot of shore fishing at home in Cumbria.

I realise it will be different but have fished while on holiday before, usually the canaries or spain.

What species could i expect to catch in November, day fishing plus any advise on baits.

Some parts of Spain have tightened up on shore fishing by making permits mandatory, has this happened on Malta yet?


Title: Re: Mid November Holiday
Post by: noztheviking on October 02, 2011, 11:02:13 CET
Hi have just returned from Buggiba yesterday morning, at the moment there are no licences or permits required to fish in Malta, Bait is plentyful and is available from numerous shops around the town, otherwise just make up a ball of breadpaste. it works as good as anything, if you are going to take your own hooks then forget what we use in cumbria and buy some fresh water fishing hooks in sizes from 6,s to 18  these will do you for what you will catch round Buggiba. line wise a good clear mono of 6 or 8 lbs is about right or if your realy posh then one of the new ultra thin braids, You can exspect to catch a few different species of sea bream,small groupers,parrot fish, and other weird and wonderfull fish that would look more at home in a marine aquarium, also look out for the nasties, there are quite a few poisonous fish in the Med, ranging from our own lesser, and greater Weevers, to Scorpion fish and Moray eels, Places to fish round town are down on the jetty at the harbour, My favorite place is down the steps behind Georgies Sea Food restraunt, just near the main square in Buggiba, good shop for bait and advice is on the promenade just opposite Macdonalds, its a general gift and beach shop but the owner Kieth has a good stock of bait and tackle at reasonable prices for Malta, well thats all I can think of for this time on a sunday morning, still getting over the flight, if you want to now owt else just drop us a line, enjoy yourself and tite lines noztheviking

Title: Re: Mid November Holiday
Post by: g4jnw on October 02, 2011, 11:29:23 CET
Thats really helpful thank you, will print out the info and take it with me, think it will be getting cooler by mid november but really looking forward to the trip