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Title: Just starting out boat fishing
Post by: fasterfourever on March 16, 2012, 10:58:52 CET
I have just bought my first boat and intend to use it sport fishing.
Boat is open and only 13 feet, so no danger of getting deep water fishing but I would like to connect with a few fish for the pan.

What species am I likely to catch around Gozo within 5 Km of land or usually closer than that. I am experienced in North Sea Angling but nothing in the Mediterranean. I have observed some small boats but they all seem to hand line a lure of some kind whilst powering slowly around. It mist be said that this method seems to be almost fruitless in the boats I have observed.

Can anyone tell me the depth of the channel between Gozo and Comino and where to obtain Gozo coastal charts