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Title: help needed
Post by: bigboy on January 01, 2008, 20:32:11 CET
Hi ppls i have a 16 foot boat an albatross 380 running with a 15hp evenrude 2stroke. I just managed to aquire a diesel yanmar engine of around 7hp with safe starter and water pump. Do you think it is a good idea in installing it on my boat. P.s. my boat has double bottom and it is not cut or anything so i have to do everything from scratch preparing a good housing for the engine and the brass/ stainless steel "katusa" from which the shaft passes. please give me some ideas what i can do thanks very much in adwance.

Title: Re: help needed
Post by: skip on January 02, 2008, 08:25:52 CET
I had a 330 in lifeboat orange!! In my case I remember the double bottom wasnt that great and was a thin piece of fiber on top of the stringers. I vaguely remember we had the space in between the double hull filled with foam to make it stronger.

Check out the total weight of the Yanmar and allocate some weight for the shaft and through-hull joint. Bear that in mind and that it will need to be placed along the center line in the middle of the boat not to affect the center of gravity.

I would imagine it can be done given what they install in luzzu's etc, but I'm not sure I would undertake the work myself due to the angle and length of the shaft which I guess has to be calculated and then you have to see if your hull need any modifications such as a tunnel etc. Try and speak with some boat builders maybe.