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Title: Battery
Post by: baghira on January 25, 2014, 18:05:24 CET
It seems that today's batteries are no longer the batteries of once upon a time...

New battery AC Delco for my landie with 3 year warranty from Cambros.

After the 2nd year the battery started to loose power... It found it difficult to turn in the morning when the car was cold.
I charged it several times during this year.....
I had forgotten that the battery had a 3 year guarantee.  (I thought 2 years)
I found the papers and saw the 3 year written...
3 years and a month, I went to Gozo, and this battery gave up....
Back to Malta I went to the local supplier, and all that he could say is

'Buy another one'.

And that is what I did......
But not from you this time my friend.  :)

Title: Re: Battery
Post by: EmicMalta on January 25, 2014, 19:00:22 CET
Banner, u issemmi xejn. Shabi fuq trakkijiet u ingenji, min meta bdew juzaw lijlom, nsewom il problemi tal batteries. Jien fuq id dajsa wahda hekk kelli, u amlet 4 yr u kelli bzon ohra al karozza u partatra. L istess ergajt x trajt

Title: Re: Battery
Post by: rednaell on January 29, 2014, 07:58:05 CET
Ixtri Fiamm u ma jidispjecikx