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Title: Very angry ._.
Post by: VopiMan on July 08, 2015, 19:06:33 CET
Well fella's, today I went to Rinella bay as usual to try some more rock fishing.
I was using some fresh squid I bought from marsaxlokk, and I caught these in a fishing session of 2.5 hours.

- 3 Salema
- 7 Painted Combers
- Several Bouge
- 3 Scorpion fish
- 1 Moray eel
So, I was pretty happy with my catches, but that was not it.
At almost halfway through the session, I spotted a very very big moray eel (Murina).
Easily one of the biggest fish that I spotted and would've caught.
So, obviously, it went under a rock where I was fishing.
I put my hook with a rather large squid tentacle and went right near that rock. Suddenly, the moray eel jumped out of the rock and went for that
squid. I was reeling in and pulling as hard as I can, but that clever fish made my hook get stuck under the rock.
This process kept happening for like 7 times. So basically, I had to make a whole new jig everytime.
At the end, I finally caught it, but it 'coiled' itself around a piece of iron bar in a rock. It was almost impossible for me to
reel it in. So I went for it. I swam and got my knife with me, stabbed it in the head and retrieved it. I was very mad since it bit my finger
aswell, but luckily nothing serious. Anyway guys, that was my day today, I will be going there again next Saturday, and hopefully I won't have this
bad luck again.

Title: Re: Very angry ._.
Post by: markmalta on July 09, 2015, 16:43:13 CET
Glad you caught it in the end!! You made me remember this movie lol  ;D

Title: Re: Very angry ._.
Post by: malvizzu on July 10, 2015, 05:35:22 CET
Amusing write-up. Was fun reading it  ;D tight lines!  ;)

Title: Re: Very angry ._.
Post by: ken82 on July 11, 2015, 02:45:26 CET
Nahseb ahjar ixghel xemgha lil Madunna , minhabba l fatt li gidmitek l morina u milli jidher m ghamlitlekx hsara.