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Title: Foot Cush - Comfort For Your Feet! - Part I
Post by: skip on May 05, 2008, 11:02:02 CET
I'm going to do a two part review on this product, Part I is the product upon purchase, how it looks, feels, value for money etc and Part II will be a review after it's been put to use in the 'field'.

The unit in question is a cushioned deck matt, this model measuring 14 inches x 40, ideal for center console boats.

1-1/2" Ensolite Closed Cell Foam
40" X 14" Fits Center Console Boats or 24" X 12" Fits Any Style Boat
White Textured Vinyl Surface
Easy On/Off Deck Snaps
Unique 3-Layer Construction
Saltwater & Weather Resistant

Top side of the foot cush with a textured surface to provide some non slip


Material looks heavy duty with four push down button and mounting hardware included.

Underside of the foot cush

These products are used extensively in the US but have yet to hit our shores in Malta. I prefer standing up whilst fishing/driving and after a long day no matter which shoes I'm wearing, you really know about it. This product should help alleviate these problems.

This unique Patented cushioned deck mat is for all types of boats and it will reduce lower body fatigue of feet, knees and back. It's made of non-absorbent Ensolite closed cell foam, coated in a white vinyl finish with a textured standing surface. Soft enough to ease standing on a hard deck yet firm enough to absorb the vibrations and shock of pounding waves. This saltwater and weather resistant mat is also very buoyant. Available in two sizes to accommodate any type of boat and comes with stainless steel snaps for your option to secure in place.

Priced at $82.99 bought from West Marine

Title: Re: Foot Cush - Comfort For Your Feet! - Part I
Post by: skip on February 07, 2009, 17:22:49 CET
Part II

Still to come this summer as I never got around to installing it!!!