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Author Topic: Visiting (fishing) in September  (Read 3191 times)
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« on: August 27, 2021, 10:01:12 CET »


Thank you very much for having this forum and letting me participate.

I will visit Malta for one week (7-14 of September) and I was hoping for some fishing action.
I am exclusively C&R fishing and I prefer active fishing, which is typically spinning with various lures.
Lure fishing makes it easier to C&R as hooks are not swallowed,
but it is not easier to catch a fish as they can be quite finicky about the lure choice and presentation.

Can somebody please advise me with lure choices, so I can still fit everything in my luggage Wink

Additionally I would appreciate some tips about types of places and times of day when to go fishing.
I am not asking about hot spots, but should I go to fish from a cape or more in a bay or in ports etc, what tides and currents to look at ...

I am not after capital fish, any fish will do Smiley
I just want to be on the water, with at least some chance to catch a fish.

Thanks in advance
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