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Started by mike.d., June 07, 2009, 19:23:01 CET

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does anyone have an idea on a smaller okuma reel than the stingray, i purchased a rod from mosta,to be used for spinning etc, but find the stingray a bit big, just ideas on what to look for maybe in the okuma range as i do like them, and i have a shirt, thanks to redbus9.


look for the okuma boxter 30 or 40.

good reel, and wonderful price from TONY's or NOTANIC bugibba front
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


I have a shirt too,and an okuma magnetix surfcast reel
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any okuma authorised dealer can offer to you reels from size20 or bigger

stingray on the local market come in size 30, 40 & 50

there are a large variety of okuma models on the shelves which can meet any type of fishing you wish to practice.

please note all okuma reels come with 2 year warranty.




silver craft 395


thanks okuma 1976, i got my stingray when we lived on rhodes island, must have been 8 years ago, and still looking good and working perfect and if i remember cost about 8 euroes, all i need now is a baseball cap to complete my outfit. ;D ;D ;D 


ta bormla usually gives out a cap with a good purchase.

there is also the okuma tournament shirt free with okuma titus50w reel


you can get okuma reels from MOSTA at ta bormla store close to the HSBC,