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Started by sergio, February 02, 2007, 18:41:31 CET

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Ok guys , I live in Pieta and a new shop opened there , Angler Centre. I went to check out the stock today and the owner is a really nice fellow , we talked for quite a while . he stocks a brand called Vega . They seem to have quite a bit of quality tackle...and im interested in two rods .... a beach caster and a rod for bottom fishing ( both were carbon) . Thing is , im not sure about spending a fair bit of money (the rods cost about lm 45 each) on a brand I've never heard about . Any of you guys heard of this brand ? any good ?


Did you find any info on the internet. Maybe look for some reviews.

Also where abouts is this new shop?



its nearly at the far end on the righthand side of the road going to the hospital. its in a corner. this is one site for vega fishing tackle


the brand Vega seems to be quite new. that's why i asked the opinion of you guys coz you are more expirienced than i am and maybe you know someone who has a Vega rod and can advise me . i mean for me spending money on good tackle is a bit of a hassle coz im a student so im not that rich :p i dont mind spending , say , lm  50 or 60 on a rod as long as its really good , but i just dont know about an unknown brand . they seem to be made out of quality carbon fibre , have titanium guides ect ect . any ideas ?


this week i checked out and he's got the MAVER series which is the rod of the year!

Glad we have someone importing such good rods at last!

the MAVER is one of the greatest poles.
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


nelson i have one of those.. an 8 meter version it is absolutely fantastic
Good season so far.....


What are the approx prices placebo??I think they are graphit ey? Silly question i think ???
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


prices are good for that quality rod my friend!

it's been ages since we had some good rods of that type!

i remeber some years ago mister fish used to get the Artico rods but for some reason thay are not any more in Malta!

i still own an artico and the quality and performance of that rod is brilliant!

the MAVER is in the same frame as it got the best rod of last year and even the year before if not mistaken in Italy.

for mullet fishing in Malta such rods are the perfect thing!

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


I just popped in the shop today he seems to be eqipped, i got some worms to try them out.


the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


tnks placebo, issa naraw ghada jekk it-temp jippermetti


you can find a vast range of vertical jigging tackle too
silver craft 395