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Started by The_Gaffer, July 14, 2009, 23:07:11 CET

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Most of you might be familiar with my previous posts on problems I was having with erratic readings from my Furuno fishfinder; the Furuno 620
I had written to airmar customer support about these erratic readings, and I am reproducing the emails herein:
Question to Airmar:
My Airmar B744V Thru hull is linked to the Furuno 620.  I've had it for 3 years without any problem.   This year, the bottom depth reading is very erratic, even in shallow depths of 3 metres, and the bottom line shown on the screen is all dotted, as opposed to the solid thick line I was accustomed to.  Any reason why this is happening.  I have always followed the instructions on cleaning the transducer face as outlined on your site.
Joseph Baldacchino

Answer from Airmar:
Thank you for contacting AIRMAR Technology Corporation. The transducer is a simple device with wires attached to the ceramic element. Something would have had to physically happen to the wires or the ceramic for it to fail.

There truly isn't a way to test a transducer using a standard voltmeter. You would require an oscilloscope and a signal generator or an EDI test box to properly test both the transducer and the fishfinder.

The most common, reliable test on the boat is to connect a new transducer to the fishfinder and hang it overboard to verify operation. A local marina may offer this as a service provided you do not harm the transducer in anyway.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact back.

Well, I went along to Medcomms, local agents for Furuno, and spoke to Mark about my problem.  I also informed Mark about my email and answer from Airmar.  Without hesitation, Mark kindly provided a spare transducer for me to try out.  No questions asked, no hassle, he didn't even want a deposit or my ID number.   I must commend this excellent customer support and service.  Went to the marina, hooked up the new transducer, and got the same erratic readings ???
So, there was nothing left for me to do then just activate the factory reset facility on the reciever.  Presto, the Furuno was working fine again.  Instant readings, accurate, and back to its optimal functionality. 

Great stuff, great customer support.
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I must commend Medcomms too for their aftersales service. I had a similar problem with tranducer and they came to garage to test transducer free of charge. Well done!
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Well done Gaffer for this topic. It s very nice to see such a good customer service.


seems medcoms have finally woke up. Well done hope they keep the service. I didnt have a very good experience but that was years back when they didnt have a lot of competition and the marinas were busling with foreign activity.Well done medcomms


In the Past when I had problems with My Garmin Transducer they also gave me one to new to test what went wrong without asking for my particulars. He just told me when you're ready just wash it with water and bring it back at your convinience and I took it a week later to buy a new one and I was setisfied with the service they gave me.

Still have to mention that now I bought a Lowrance from Caruana Marine Centre and He even offered to come 1 day with me while I go fishing just to check my sonar how it works and still with all his support and help I solve my problem and today I reached 737 metres without any problems.

thanks Simon (Caruana Marine Centre) we really need such services.
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what did he do to solve your problem fishfinder please?
I'd rather be fishing.....


Fishfinder, what type of lowrance do you have to reach those meters? and what  is your transducer? i will be interested in a sounder like that, which reads around 700 meters


and mine with a bronze thru hull is supposed to read 800mts. I already read 600mts while trolling for alungi at approx 6 knts, Same unit as fishfinder i think its HDX 5


Today sea was really good for the Sounder. I was getting solid bottom and could even see fish (or grass) at the bottom (300m).
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MY Model is the Lowrance HDS5

@ Benri he got in contact with Lowrance several times reporting our problems and coming back to me with the settings how to achieve does depth and even sending me a lot of info by mail. surely not everyone keeps worrying if the item you bought is being used properly but this is not the case with Caruana Marine centre.
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Fishfinder, can you tell me what type of transducer you have linked with HDX 5