Unsuccessfull night for Klamari

Started by The_Gaffer, November 27, 2008, 13:45:32 CET

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Thats what i always use placebo. I was telling gaffer about this method last time. I attatch a clip to the line from the ones you find with swivels so it makes it easy to change jigs.


i used to use that method to make a swivel on the main line and u clip the lure directly to the swivel but if a cintorin attacks one of the lures you risk of loosing everything. now i make the lures like the paternoster for bottom fishing. at least if a cintorin attacks a lure there is a chance that it takes only that lure instead of everything


yep true Busu...... never crossed my mind.

thats why i was losing them all mela!
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


I tie the lures directly to main line. This way the lures automatically are pulled in the horizontal position when the line is tight. Its easier to have a couple more sets of lures avoiding changing at night. The sinker I tie with a tinner mono and a bit long so that when sinker is on bottom the lures are about 1m clear of bottom obstractions. If the sinker gets stuck you don't loose lures.
Regarding the "why I don't catch while the others are". It may be as sombody pointed out, the way one fishes. I mentioned ones that I found using powerpro in the reel makes the feeling super sensitive, so even the light touch of the squid can be felt. I use a very short rod with a self winding reel. When sinker touches down, I twist line between two fingers and point rod down. This way you feel the line directly on fingers.
Can't wait to go fishing