Discounted Boat Show Tickets from Mecca Marine

Started by Meccanic, September 24, 2010, 07:21:35 CET

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QuoteWe are all doing all possible to work in honesty and maintain the lowest possible prices.

lol........ good joke............

Lest we forget:

Once bitten, twice shy,2637.0.html
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From: Christine Borg []
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 2:59 PM

Good Afternoon Nichol,
I am sending this e mail to confirm that before the Boat Show opened I agreed with you over the phone that we would charge the members of The Fishing Forum a discounted entrance fee of 50%, as requested by you, if they were to show their membership card at the door. I am extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused if this wasn't carried out...I myself was at the show at all times and NOBODY brought it to my attention, otherwise I would have intervened immediately.
As a sign of my deepest regret,  I would like you (Nichol) to take it in hand that next year we will offer all these members a complimentary ticket to the show.
Apologies once again,

Christine Borg
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Nichol, thank you for following this up and persisting with contacting Christine to get an explanation. I have also seen her reply as we were cc'd in her reply to you. It's a shame that her staff at the entrance did not check with her, but it's something for us to all bear in mind in the future. If problems are encountered we could have asked for them to contact Christine.


I will not be taking her up on her offer of complimentary tickets  Either the staff employed were not briefed, or they disregarded her instructions.  Either way, the agreement was between Meccanic and Christine over the phone, and both should have followed up to see that what was agreed to was infact taking place.  There were 3 members, I REPEAT 3 members of staff present at the Cospicua gate when I showed them my MFF card.  None of them knew about the agreement.  
Also, Baghira posted here on the 24th Sept that he had problems.  No account of this incident was relayed back to either the organisers or Meccanic?.  
To me this was just a half hearted attempt to entrice MFF members to visit the boatshow, then when you get to the gate, nobody knows you.  Immagine you Nichol, turning up for a function after recieving an invitation, only to be turned back at the entrance because nobody knew of your invitation!...well, thats how I felt!
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likewise........ my dignity is worth more than 2.50....... either get it right the first time or else screw it.... just couldn't be bothered anymore.
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I appreciate that those that went felt humiliated/embarassed infront of people queuing behind them, and it would have been ideal if they got it right on the day.

Bottom line is that those who want to go next year, should be able to get free tickets - I'm sure more details will be posted.

This topic has achieved it's objective - highlighting the problem and discontent at what happened, an official response back from the organisers, and a way forward for those who are interested next.

As such - Topic Closed!