Lowrance HDS-5 In Dash Template

Started by skip, December 29, 2012, 09:29:55 CET

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Just in case anyone is looking for a Lowrance HDS-5 In Dash Template / Lowrance HDS-5 Flush Mount Template, for some bizarre and dare I say stupid reason, Lowrance removed this from just about all their websites.

However as luck would have it, Lowrance spain still had it up online http://www.lowrance.es/es/Productos/Nautica/Ecosonda-HDS---Broadband-Alta-Definicion/HDS-5/Descargas/HDS-5-In-dash-Template/

HDS-5 and HDS-5x In-dash Template

Template also attached in case anyone gets stuck and needs it.

Have also attached for HDS-7 as again for some stupid reason, missing from main Lowrance site.


Don't they have the template in the box.... But on second thoughts if you sell after some time no one keeps the template. Good idea nick to keep on the forum. Cheers


Should be in the box, but if you use it having access to another one would be useful. I can't understand why some are online available to download from Lowrance.com and yet the others have been removed.

Also handy for seeing if it will fit in your dash :)