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Started by zodrac, March 24, 2015, 14:00:30 CET

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Hi guys,
First of all, sorry for my english....i'm not a good english writer.
So....i'm 42 years old guy from Romania (UE citizen) and i catch a good price at a plane ticket, so in a middle of april i will be in Malta for a short period (18-21 april). Since i stay only 3 days i travel light (just a backpack) so i cannot bring my own fishing tackle.
For 3 fishing rod (one casting medium rod and two 5-6 meter rod for floating fishing) Wizzair airline want around 70-80 euros. 80 euros for maximum 4 kilos?!?!?! I'm not Bill Gates.
Is far to expensive for me, so i think for solutions. One solution is to send a package to the hotel ,and send it back  when i go home.there will be some logistic problems, and costs will be around 40 euros...still a little expensive, since i will fishing just 1-1,5 days.
I will stay at  Sliema Chalet Hotel, 117 Tower Road Malta SLM 08.
It is possible to find some fishing shops who rent fishing rods, at a good price? I don't want something expensive....for me is ok even the cheapest no name 4-5-6 meter float rod and same brand of a light ledgering rod :)) ..i'm not so lucky to catch some monster.
Maybe there is some fisherman who want to rent 1-2 rods...maybe someone want to take me at shore fising...maybe maybe.
One thing is for sure: i want to fishing in Malta (i have green light even from my gf :)) ).
So,anyone have a solution for my problem?!
I hope the answer is YES.

Sorry if i posted on wrong section.

Any advice about....local restaurants with good food (i mean local,not touristic) ,place to visit,brand of local beers, etc etc...are welcome.

Best regards,