Shore Fishing March / April Marsascala

Started by Ralle, March 13, 2016, 23:00:53 CET

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Good evening everyone!

My name is Ralph and i am going to visit Malta next week.
Me and my girlfriend are staying at Marsascala for 14 days and we are planning to fish a lot.

I have been fishing at the Mediterranean Sea couple of times but never at Malta or this early in the year.
We are usually quite lazy and prefer ledger-fishing, especially during evening and night in company of several beers, but we are also equipped for floater-fishing and spinfishing.

Generally i am interested in any kind of tips for fishing on moray, breams, scorpios, garfish and small kinds of mackerel u can sometimes see close to the shore.

I read a lot of bad stuff about pariti and few fish at St. Thomas Bay, but because its close to our appartment nevertheless we will have to fish most time in this region.

We would appreciate any tips,
thank you,