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Started by skip, August 28, 2008, 10:19:01 CET

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Hi I have just registered today on this forum. I am 56 yrs old and have been fishing our coastal areas from time to time since i was 17.  But since catches have been low finally Iam getting a 12 ft boat for some offshore fishing.  Regards



Tore from Norway signing in. arriving on saturday evening.
In Norway i normally jig for Cod, or do deep water angling for misch. species. I also enjoy trolling for seatrout, and the occational trip for salmon in the rivers or brown trout in the mountains.
Will be staying in Gozo for a week. I have brought gear for boat and coast.
Tips will be appreciated!


Hi all,

i've been reading in this forum (google was my friend) for a while now and i've been in that lovely coutry of yours a few times. Time to introduce myself:

I'm a 37 year old from Germany, currently living in Thuringia. Like i said i've been to Malta a few times and i love it. This year I planned to fish a bit. I allways wanted to do that but it never happend.
I'm into shore fishing (CnR) with simple spoons (imo cheap but effective). The rest of the gear i will use is just like a "travelling gear", small telescopic rod (has to fit in the suitecase). So i don't expect to make a big catch (or any catch at all??). Just relaxing and watering the bait.
Like always i'll stay in the Cerviola Hotel Marsascala (really nice people) for bed n breakfast.

I'll be there from the 14th of may. So if you see a guy trying his luck between Zonqor and Munxar it might be me, if it looks like the guy doesn't know what he is doing it's definitely me, feel free to say hi (i might have beer with me as well).

Thight lines!


Hi My name is Victor am almost 70 and trying to fullfill my dream of fishing. In my earlier days i was uiet good at fishing but than I had to give it up to concentrate on my career and family. Now I have decided to put my hand at it again. Have been buying all sort of junk normally advertised on Youtube, but find I probably will have to start all over..the beauty is I have not yest tried fishing, only bought equipment. My aim is to do some ultrlight fishing including spinning and jigging..all micro dream to catch a kahlia.


Hi i am going to malta for the first time mid july in the north east area of mellieha and would love to try my hand at fishing from the rocks if possible, i am just taking my telescopic rod and reel an assortment of lures and float rigs, can anyone suggest the best time of day to fish and what bait attracts good eating fish? Or is it a better idea to book a place on a chartered boat to fish for specific species? I dont want to travel too far so the nearest to fhe mellieha bay resort, our appartment is on the coast above the rocky sea shore, and also baitwise, is it best to buy fresh bait, shrimps,sandeels etc? Or go for rubber lures? Cheers


I have started my fishing in the Adriatic Sea, which was decades ago, very little was done with artificial bait those days.
Since I live in Belgium, I (re)started fishing exclusively with artificial baits, always C&R, mainly targeting pike and perch,
but definitely not minding occasional zander and especially asp.
I did no fishing with artificial baits from shore, as I would like to try, so any tips are helpful.
Tight lines :)