Local Fishing Regulations

Not sure what the minimum sizes are for the fish you're thinking of catching.....? Confused about what you can and can't fish for....?

Checkout the following document links, keep yourself informed and do your bit towards fishing conservation.

Local Fishing Regulations

Subsidary Legislation 10.12

This is Malta's principle fishing regulations, although it dates back to 1934 it is still in force though some area's may be superceeded by newer ammendments.

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Regolamenti Dwar Is-Sajd

Legislazzjoni Sussidjarja 425.01

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Sustainable Fishing in the Mediterreanean including Malta EC 1967/2006

EU legislation that is also automatically legally binding in Malta covering fishing sustainability. Details protected species, minimum fish sizes, protected areas, net mesh sizes, hook sizes. Chapter X - Articles 26 - 27 specifically deals with Malta's 25nm fishing management zone.

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Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the Mediterreanean including Malta EC 302/2009

This council regulation is automatically binding in all EU member states including Malta. Note that member states can impose certain additional rules therefore we suggest you check with the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment for any new additions that apply locally.

Summary for recreational fishery:

Minimum Size: 30 kgs or 115cm
Fishing Permit: Required for recreational fishers
Catch Limit: 1 per boat per trip
Fishing Season for Rention: As per commercial season
Fish cannot be sold for profit, but can be donated for charitable purposes.

All undersized fish must be released.

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