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Title: Help please
Post by: Granitu on June 11, 2006, 12:07:15 CET
I am considering to buy a fishing boat but I am uncertain about the outboard I should buy. Can you please indicate me which is the best between a 50hp mariner outboard, 30hp nissan engine and a 9.9 suzuki outboard 4 stroke. Thanks in advance

Title: Re: Help please
Post by: placebo on June 11, 2006, 15:15:01 CET
Depends what is best for?

For a 14-15 footer I suggest you will have 2 outboards.

Registration/ Licenses plus fuel costs have gone pretty high up in the last years.

If you opt for 2 Suzukis 9.9hp you will have a great ride plus an affordable fuel consumption.

Title: Re: Help please
Post by: Granitu on June 11, 2006, 18:41:45 CET
10x man I really appreciate it. But brand new how much does it cost?

Title: Re: Help please
Post by: skip on June 12, 2006, 05:53:46 CET
To add on to this, it really depends what you intend to use the boat for. There's quite a difference between a 50hp (both in terms of purchase cost and runnings costs (fuel, licence etc) than a 9.9! Outboards are very reliable if well looked after so at least you have peace of mind there, however if you intend to go 8miles+ offshore then if your boat can take it, a twin setup is always going to be better for reliability, though maintenance and associated costs increase.

Not sure what boat you are looking at, let us know, but maybe a single 50 is an overkill if you are also looking at 30 and 9.9? Keeping the hp lower means lower registration costs etc and a smaller engine in a twin setup will no doubt use less than a bigger single at low speeds, especially as can turn off one engine for trolling.

Call around the agents, Mecca for Tohatsu, Ripard (RLR) for Evinrude and Johnson, Muscat Motors for Mercury (though Camilleri Marine may have taken over sales now), Gasan for Yamaha, Zarb Stores for Suzuki, Zammit Group for Honda

Outboards aren't cheap especially the Japanese ones though they are very good, when you go up in engine size the costs go up alot too! Are you looking at a new boat or 2nd hand? If new your vendor can usually offer an engine package, but be sure to check the boat can specifically take twin engines, not all can.


Title: Re: Help please
Post by: sergio on June 12, 2006, 12:35:35 CET
dude if i remember correctly my friend bought his 9.9hp yamaha for about lm 500 second hand ( very good condition though ) so i guess a new one would be about lm 600 + . not cheap at all but very reliable

Title: Re: Help please
Post by: Granitu on June 12, 2006, 15:32:54 CET
10x man i will extend my research, maybe I ' ve found the right one now..

Title: Re: Help please
Post by: Simon G on June 29, 2006, 15:51:15 CET
just to comment you diid not mention if it is a long shaft or a short shaft you are looking for.
i run a tohatsu 30 hp daily for fishing and diving it cost lm 840 new not incliding reg which is about lm250
the cheapest option is going for a second hand one you can find some good deals (i bought a honda 4hp for lm 30 last summer) so if i where you i would do my research carefully before buying
Simon G