MARSASCALA - Zonqor Area ??!

Started by Attila, December 04, 2008, 11:13:30 CET

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Hi ppl,

does anyone ever tried fishing in Zonqor Area in M'Scala?! I was wondering what type of fish one might catch over there ?! I normally use Korean Worms with a paternoster rig. Quite curious to know the potential of such place. The biggest fish I ever caught from there was Sparli of around 25cm

Thanks for your help !! ;D


Hi Attila Zonqor point was quite a good place to fish, up to a few years ago I witnessed very nice catches of nice sized xilep, kahli and even Sargi. But I have been away from there for some years now. The best thing to do is to go there and observe what others are fishing for, how they are doing it and what are they using, than choose whats best for you. The most important is to spot the right places,there is a very good strech of cost which goes trough Xaghajra up to the Fort Rinella  ;). Good luck 
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i used to go quite a lot at zonqor and it used to be a good place but like many places in malta it is heavily overfished by pariti and more worse by scuba spearfishers. I used to go diving there and had some really unpleasant encounters.

kahli do not consider them.... till last year i never saw big ones just  zabri but not worth a try

well if i were you i would stick with coreano, bait up the area well and try some running ledger rigs for some parrot fish(marzpan). also xilep is abundant there but you need some rough seas of fish it close to the breaking waves to catch some. they are fished with sellieha

moray eels are quite abundant there and in moderate rough weather nice sized sargi are a frequent catch. You must though fish them with low diameters 0.16-0.14 r else 0.18 fluorocarbon with a running float set up. I found that during a day like this xkall is the best bait around, but it really a matter of trial and error

regards,  nich

Good season so far.....


A friend of mine used to catch a lot of morray eals and sargi from there, he used crabs as bait. He would pass the hook through one of the leg joints in the main body, and come out of the next one. This was some time back. 
Can't wait to go fishing


Hey Guys !!

Thank you so much for all this info !! I appreciate your help. I just started to fish after a long time so i need so help to get back in track !!


I used to fish that area alot. To start with if you are going to fish for saragi, you must go at the far end, where they fish for zabri. Take with youe some extra weight cause you will loose a couple as the sea bed Iwahhal ta Veru. Eels are very abbundant and if you find the spot where the sikka is you may catch a couple of decent sargi. I also used to catch calamari from Zonqor, but till now this season I didn't witness any catches from there. The area is full of Pariti as they said and last Monday, i witnessed a couple trowing pariti in the area at around 7:30 maybe to catch any lost Breams which escaped due to the bad weather.


Quote from: Granitu on December 04, 2008, 19:06:52 CET
more worse by scuba spearfishers.

GRRRRRRR :( These individuals actions are not just unsporty, shameful and illegal but they are throwing bad light on the rest of the spearos.   :(


more worse by scuba spearfishers.

GRRRRRRR  These individuals actions are not just unsporty, shameful and illegal but they are throwing bad light on the rest of the spearos.   

i agree with you on this spnotta because we only catch good sized fish and we are selective in fish not like the  parit


i saw them a lot of times during winter time and they spearfish groupers, gallina octopus, everything they are able to catch... even rizzi and some form or sea fruit which they detach it by the use of a hammer and a "skarpel"-

i know it is illegal cause the guy who was doing it it told me it is and he is proud that did this practice from wied il ghajn up to xghira and the underwater bed is all dented with his skarpel.....

i don't bother to fish/spearfish anymore in that area, it was one of the best places in malta but some bastards are ruining it.
Good season so far.....


Picking date mussels is shameful - not only are date mussels protected, but in order to get to them the sea bed is destroyed...yet they are still very very common at restaurants!
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sorry to be a pain again, but what, or who are pariti,


The pariti are the fishing nets. Normally they tend to throw for example 6 / 9 nets tied one after another.


Atilla , Not sure if you have been fishing at Zonqor yet. I only came across this topic today and wanted to warn you that it is useless going fishing there especially the last few weeks they were throwing nets over there :'(. I fished that area last week but it is like fishing in an  bucket of tap water. Not one single bite apart from a couple of wrasse ( Gharajjes ) Which I released as they were not worth keeping. I would say propably Xghajra is better ???. Don't get me wrong there was a time when zonqor was brilliant even for the big vopi 350grms.
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I know this thread is 8 years old now but i'd like to know how the situation around Zonqor currently is? Still as bad? Any other places around St. Thomas where you're wasting your time spinning?



It's worse! :/ if you go at this very moment, you can see the pariti, so close to land you can almost touch the buoy!! :( sad story indeed...
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