Awrat advice

Started by vlado61, October 06, 2012, 22:40:40 CET

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I am staying in Qawra for two weeks in December.
Can I catch awrat in December? Can you advise me where near Qawra I can fish for awrat, and some tips on methods and bait - if it is not a secret, of course!


the seasone of awrat is when they escape from the fishfarms


What about catching mingus then?
In Greece in December the main catch on a bottom rig is the mingus. The Greeks use sea worms called macaroni. They fish the harbours with sandy bottoms at night.
Can I catch mingus in December in Malta and on what bait?


you can catch mingus anytime of the year,as long as you fish at night and on sandy bottoms.unfortunately,it is not as common as it used to bait,any meaty stuff is good.goodluck.