Saddled bream (kahlija)

Started by VopiMan, July 04, 2015, 20:01:34 CET

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Hello, recently I've been fishing a lot in Rinella Bay, and all I have caught have been painted comber (Burqax), salema (Xilpa), bouge (Vopi) and scorpionfish (Skorfna).
The bait that I have been using were bread and smoked sausage, but once in a while I use chopped small fish that I catch.
While fishing, I see a butt load of huge fish that are way way bigger than the ones I catch, including mullet (Muletta), saddled bream (kahlija) and much more 'rocky fish'.
I really want to try and catch those fish but they never like my bait, I just wanted to ask what's the best bait to catch them, especially the kahlija, it looks amazing to eat.
If you have any tips / tricks I would love to know them,
Thanks for your time!


Try white snails that you find near rocks and stuff :) Also, the saddled bream is a wise fish, use fluorocarbon 0.16. Other more experienced fisherman can give you more tips.. I'm into trolling, so sadly that's the most I can give mate. Good luck!

PS: The weather especially the wind direction plays a big factor in catching saddled bream
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Thanks! I'll be sure to try those white snails!


how do you hook white snails? they seem to break easily


You have to remove it from the shell, and hook the slug to the hook :) Some fisherman use this technique whilst trolling, by attaching the slug to the hook with a white feather. Deadly for saddled bream! But as I said before, I'm into trolling, especially with artificial lures, thus my experience is limited! If you search in the forum, some topics have been already discussed for fishing saddled bream, take a look here:,3699.0.html,1395.0.html and especially this!,3029.0.html

Good luck with your fishing quest!   ;D
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Thanks a lot Mark! By the way, I heard maggots are very good for this kind of species, mostly like kahlija and the 'bream' section of fish.
I was wondering where I can get maggots in Malta? Thanks!


Pirotta in gzira for sure.....other tackle shops will probably have too.