fishing for VOPI ... when & how?

Started by bahri, August 30, 2008, 22:44:17 CET

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thanks everyone really helpfull, looking forward to eating.


 I was the one to add the translation underneat leaving the original. To be helpfull to our english speaking members and guests, I will try and translate as we go on. Hopefully will try to start some old posts as well, this depending on time available. At least we have a lot of volontiers to help.
Can't wait to go fishing


Hi guys am new on this site. Am very interested to go fishing for vopi. Can you pls give me some info.

Thanks a lot


Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


Let me Give you some brief info on the fish and how to catch it...Vopa (bogue) Can grow up to a foot! and a total  wight of 500g, Lives Close to the coast especialy in late summer, To catch this fish use a size 12 hook with a small float and a light rod, As bait you can use bread,prawns or (hniex)..It is caught mostly at sunset.


Skip Since i was giving Some info For everyone i tought i could Do it in both languages so everyone will understand  :)


If you would like to put both English and Maltese when you post that's fine.


Thanks a lot Lapsiboy. I will try to give it a chance later on then cause its still bit small.


Bongu guys!

Last I fished for vopi in Exiles (Sliema) was November time and as someone mentioned in an earlier thread it was pretty good time. Can one still fish for vopi now?




This year there was a shortage of Vopi. The only few that was caught was from Popeyes Village. Now it had dissapeared. During this time we used to catch some from Bahar ic-caghaq and Qawra, (Ta Fra Ben)


we fished some in the south as well but the last time i tried (about 2 weeks ago) there was no sign of vopi!
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


any idea what ground bait is used to get vopi ? and how would you know vopi is around? is korean worms good for vopi?



sarda is the best ...... try fishing the vopa as it is not always evident that there is vopi around ... sometimes it is mid water other times it is completely at the bottom so try different levels ...... korean worms are good but not the ideal ...... vopi prefers shrimps as bait.
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing



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