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Started by mike.d., October 12, 2008, 15:50:13 CET

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i need help with bread paste, i just cannot get it right, i have done what people have said, 2 day old bread, remove crust, soak in water, squeeze with hands then wring out in a towel, mine either falls to bits or sticks to my fingers. someon please help.
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I use fresh sliced bread take off the crust dip it and take it out with a quick move in water,work it with your hands and then put it in a towel.Usually it will be a little sticky but not that much,the important thing is that you make it as soft as possible.


sounds good to me, will give it a try, many thanks. 8) 8) 8) 8)


as SPITEK said i also prefer freshbread. probably u'll laugh at this one but what bred do you use if you use sliced bread??

when i try jesper bread its always a mess, its so sticky!! i find golden harvest sliced bread best
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The best bread is a 2 day old golden harvest slice bread. Dip it in the water for 1 minute take the crust out, work it properly with your hands and sometimes you don't even need a towel because it will be done properly
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I am using gormina sliced bread now,i find it very good.Before i used golden harvest.
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Has anybody asked the fish, which bread THEY preferred, cant beat information "from the horses mouth"! ;)


If you see that the fish don't wanne bite try using brown bread maybe they are on a diet! ;D!


You must also carefully see if the bread had passed its best before date... Some fishes are really cheeky. :D
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In my opinion I prefer using dried bread which has been left in the sun for a couple of days. the crust is then removed and the bread dipped in water till it starts to get slightly soft to the touch, this will take less then a minute. Afterward the bread is squeezed so as to remove as much water as possible and work it with your hands until it gets soft and manageable.


it seems the fish r aware of the diffferent type of yeast and methode carried out  by the bakers . :D

as if the fish  should choose the  menu prior dineing  ;D ;D ;D

always want to fish.... why.... cos fun ux!!!


I always use golden white bread. Normally i go to the factroy and buy what called the return. Normally it is 2 days old. As preparation I take off the crust, dip it in water, take it out squezze it with your hands and work it out in your hands. Then for a good result just add a piece pf fresh cheader.


thanks for all replies, i will try them all, will have to order a ton of bread.


Hi mulett75. what does pf stand for?


Welcome to the forum mrk - pf is a typo - he meant of ;)

After years of getting it wrong I found a good way of making breadpaste:
1. Golden Harvest - French sliced bread
2. Dry it in the sun
3. Remove the crust
4. Just dip it very quickly in the water - just let it get wet on the outside and don't let it soak
5. Wet your hands lightly
6. Break the slice in your hand - at this stage it will crumble into small pieces - just keep working the bread in your hand and the crumbs will pick up water from the palm of your hands and the outside of the bread
7. If it is still too dry and there are still crumbs, just add a couple of drops of water at a time
8. Let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes - no need to use a towel as there is not much water to get rid of - actually you don't want to get it too dry

I always found this method great as it is better to have the bread a little on the dry side and add water as you go along rather than making a sticky mess straight away.

Hope this helps.

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