Shock Leader for Spinning and Lure Fishing from Shore

Started by Essexdave, October 19, 2008, 13:34:52 CET

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For shore lure and spinner fishing in deep water marks when fishing alone I assume using a new landing net or gaff must be quite difficult so I wondered if using a 20 or 30 lb fluorocarbon shock leader would help so one can pull a fish out of the water using this?
Has anyone ever tried this?


I tie the lure directly the the main line dave while using fireline braid so u can get loads of breaking str but still keep a very thin diametere, that way I just pull out the fish that i intend to release.


I used to use the shock leader to cast with heavy weights when beachcasting.I dont use it anymore cause i found some good lines.
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


Thanks for that freeman, I shall try 30lb braid on my second spool I think.

What is this line and thickness you use Kev?

I hear yo-zuri hybrid 30lb is quite good.