Rotten Bottom Rigs

Started by Reelin, November 02, 2008, 11:23:57 CET

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hey guys, did anybody ever try rotten bottom rigs the ones were the sinker is atteached to a weaker nylon so that after the cast if you get stuck you only lose the sinker? Does it really work?
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yes i use that type and it always work for me but i am still learning some methodes cause i am a biginer
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I think that that is a standard procedure to tie sinker with weaker link. It does work if you have rest of rig in good order. If you get stuck by the hook, its the same thing as the line attaching the hook to main line is of smaller diameter.
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Usually when u rig up the main line is the strongest and next weaker is the hook line and then the sinker so main line 80Lbs, hook line 50lbs and the sinker 25lbs. Weights are as example only. Oh and it works