how sad.

Started by mike.d., November 29, 2008, 10:33:43 CET

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news in the times today of fishing world in naxxar closing down, its quite sad for me as it was the first fishing tackle shop i used and did so a great number of times, allways great service, the lady behind the counter allways had a smile, you will be sadly missed, good luck for the future.

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what a petty :(... me too that was my first fishing tackle shop.
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he hadn't any stock anyway!! i saw the advert on times that he has a closing down sale and that everything must go!!

so on monday after university at 6 i went. i asked about the sale the owner told me that it has started the same day!!

so i asked about an ALUTECNOS, he told me that there is no sale on those, and that the alutecnos and the marine electronics were the only items with no sale. so i had a look and i was interested in 2 rods, when i asked him how much is the sale on them the told me that there is no slae on them. What a funny guy so what sale is this?????

i was rly frustrated, so i asked him but aren't you closing down?? and he replied yes but we are opening at swieqi.

so why did he publish an advert that its a closing down sale and everything must go!!  it doesn't make sense, maybe he was trying to attract people to by his old old stock haha
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Maybe, or could be as well that he will open under a differnet name or something similar. Not sure why he thinks Swieqi is a better location for having a fishing shop. Where he is in Naxxar is becoming quite popular as an area and it's on the way to the North fishing spots.


to tell u the truth i didnt comment on this as its the only tackle shop that i dont go to. Someofu may remember he had a shop/office/store at Swieqi. I went there a few times and u have to ring the bell and wait till he comes down to open and instead of inviting u in he asks what u need and brings it over. I had gone a couple of times I bought an ozuri squid lure and an battery lit squid jiq and pkt spare batteries. I went a few times and he didnt open the door. I went on another day and surprise i went upstairs, i didnt know he hadother items there. I was looking for a line to fill my reel and he comes over and  I quote: You dont buy a lot from here do you? unquote. I looked at him put the line down and a few other items like hooks and swivels and just walked out. never bothered to go there or to his new place in Naxxar or if he opens wherever thats a NO NO shop for ME, i might pop in but will never buy. this is a personal experience and i dont wont to influence anybody he could be nice to others.


i there in naxxar hes is rly close to misterfish, he has a lot of competition, but still there is a lot of activity in that area due to GS SuperStore. But i don't know the reason.  I think that his stock is not attractive eg he doesn't stock rapala and other good brands.

For some reason angler centre is not busy too.  Mr fish as always is rly busy and even ta bormla at mosta even if they haven't got a lot of choice but they have great prices when compared to any local shop and extremly good customer service.

I have heard that fishing frenzy has a good choice but i have never went there.  what are the brands he has?
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