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Gale force winds for next wednesday 17th December

Started by baghira, December 12, 2008, 19:07:29 CET

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Guys, I am alerting you all about the gale force winds that will occur on our island next wednesday. It is being predicted that wind will be in the range of force 8 to 12. Not so usuall for this island, so I urge you to take all precautions necessary.

Dear mariners, and friends,
> I am giving you some fair warning in advance as a very rare but
> destructive wind force will generate over the central Mediterranean due
> to an intense low pressure developing around the west coast of sicily
> moving eastwards during the short period between wed 17th to thurs 18th
> December.
> To date below please find a 60% accurate module (percentage of accuracy
> increases as days go by) showing that maximum winds are off the scale
> and hence will hit possible speeds of over 60kts (75 miles per hour).
> Take precautions especially as we are not used to this wind. Do not stay
> outdoors as much as possible and watch out for any flying debris!
> We have also double checked with 2 more aviation weather forecast
> modules and both have concurred that we are guaranteed gale forces winds
> with a high probability hitting speeds short of hurricane speeds. Best
> scenario a gale force 9, worst scenario a gale force with gusts touching
> a 12!
> We have already commenced on discussing on how we are planning to
> minimize possible damage to be caused by this wind and i would recommend
> to do so yourselves.
> I hope you all look after yourselves through this not so great moment.
Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Thanks for the information.Hope it to be a false alarm.if we are so lucky.If we are not we should stay on alert.
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Thanks Baghira,

A litle more southerly, and I would have had to take my boat up, or move to a safer mooring. Last few days storm just missed it. I don't know what's happening to the wind this year. Maybe 'couse I decided to keep boat in water??
Can't wait to go fishing


Thanks for the warning. It will make me feel like being at home here in England. will stop in bed on those days.


Windfinder is so far predicting 59knots of wind for next Wednesday morning and that is actually just 5 knots away from what would technically be classified as hurricane force winds! :o
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Does this mean Ihave to pack my Thermal underware and my survival floatation suit instead of my shorts


Guys , the predictions at this time of year are very uncertain so its hard to predict from 4-5 days before ...Because if you check no wednesday should be the ncest day next week ...


When an alert is given, better take it in consideration. Yep weather can change, as we can see, thanks god.
But for those who are so sure of the future, no prob.guys, simply ignore any news, and leave your boat where it is. Maybe we see it on the news the day after.
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Even italian tv just announced the Gale force winds for next week guys. :-[
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It seems that the wind force is going down. Just now it is showing force 5 t0 6


Fortunately it seems that the strong winds are not going to reach the projected force (force 12)


well it seems that windfinder is no longer predicting bad weather for next wednesday


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it seems that this was ur 1st post eh??

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I tell you, this is one time where I will be glad they got the forcast wrong.

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Can't wait to go fishing


Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh