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Started by hamimu, January 29, 2009, 17:45:46 CET

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Post Removed by Skip - Infrigement of forum rule #6 "Advertising other sites, websites or advertising good/services in general is NOT allowed without the express permission of the forum administrator. Your posts will be deleted and your account removed if you do so."


any chance of this in english please, as it looks interesting, thanks.


Mike its an advert to open a new private fishing club, nothing to do with Malta Fishing Forum. I dont know if Mr Hamimu asked permission to advertise? Its his first post as well, Good start.


Jin ha niftah club ukoll...Cisk fishing club (Rammx vice president uxx ;) ) biex tinaqdu bxejn :P biex tixorbu le :P


thanks shanook.


no problem mike. Hows it going down at M,Xlokk any bites


Good one this hamimu.

Tajba wkoll, mela min irid jitlaq madan il-club il-gdid.
Did anyone told this person to introduce himself?

Skip I truly beleive that this thread is a bit abusive uh??
Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Topic locked by Skip, those who read it know what it was and why it has been removed/locked. A warning is being sent to the topic creator.

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