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New member from Serbia

Started by dusans, March 20, 2009, 15:27:23 CET

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My name is Dusan and I am from Serbia. I go to fishing whenever I have time, but I fish on rivers. I also have house in Montenegro (on Adriatic Sea), so whenever I have free days in summer I go there to fish saltwater species. So I am both saltwater and freshwater fisherman.
On April 17 th I will visit Malta. From 17 until 19 April I will stay in Valletta, and after that I will be 4 days in St. George?s Bay in St. Julian?s. Only first 3 day I have free time and after that I will be on some summit in St. Julians
I decide you buy spinning reels specialy designrd for SALTWATER use, because in my country is very poorly offer for that kind of reels. I also want to buy some Japanese lures for saltwarer use (Yo-zuri, Megabass ...)
My dream is "Shimano Stella SW" but I don't have money for that. I make choise for 3 product (if you have another proposal, please tell):
1. Okuma - Salina (sa-45, 55, 65, 80)
2. Okuma - Cedros (cj-40s, 55s)
3. Penn Slammer Spinning Reels (260, 360, 460, 560, 760)

I read your forum a lot, and I find some fishing stores:
1. Ta' Bormla (Mosta)
2. MisterFish (Gzira)
3. Fishing World (Naxxar)

Now I have some questions:
1. Where I can buy those reels and lures? Please be a little precise (store, town, address, working hours, maybe bus number from Valletta, maybe price) because I am foreigner.
2. Is it posible to use bus traffic to visit most inportant places in Malta?
3. I read on internet that taxi driver don't have fix prices (like in Serbia), so what is normal price for taxi drive from airport to Valletta?



Drage Dusans, welcome to the forum!
I also visit Serbia from time to time, business related unfortunately, but am mostly in Belgrade and our factory in Vranje. 
There are a number of fishing tackle stores that can offer you a good sale on the items requested.  The bus service in Malta will take you practically to the doorstwps of these outlets.  Buses are very cheap, compared to the rest of Europe.
Yes, taxi services in Malta don't always use a metering system, although I stand to be corrected on that, since the latest agreement with the government mentioned something about meter installation.  Best option is if you opt for a taxi, agree on the price beforehand.
If you need more info on Malta, and fishing practices, just drop me a Private message, and we'll see what we can do.

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Welcome to the forum.

Ta'Bormla is your best bet I think for the Okuma reels, though I'm not sure if he has the Cedros reels in yet as I don't think the consigment has arrived at the distributor.

You can call Ta'Bormla and check on 21411137 79 Triq il-Kostituzzjoni Mosta

You can also check on the Penn Slammer reels with Misterfish 21421418, their main store is in Iklin which is on the way to Mosta (same bus). 26 Triq il-Muzika Iklin

He also has Yozuri, Maria jigs etc etc

If none of your local suppliers cater for jigging, have you considered ordering over the Internet, we can certainly guide you to some good people.

Fishing World has closed down and is no longer in Naxxar.

From Valletta:

Main Regular Bus Numbers: 58,43,44,45,47,49

Prices prices are maximum ?0.50

Taxi from the Airport to a destination is a fixed price, make sure you book it via the Taxi booth at the airport, or call someone like Wembley Cars and arrange a taxi in advance at a set price http://www.wembleys.net/mini_cab_service/index.htm


Hello everyone

Thank you for welcome and for precise answers.


Hi Dusans,

Welcome to the forum. There is a new service at the airport which can take you to where you are staying. The service uses a coach which goes on a fixed scedule. Price is cheaper especially if you book way back as well.
Busu from the forum can give you more details. I'll contact him and see what he says.

hope we have time to meet when you are here.


Can't wait to go fishing


hi dusans you can book your transport on-line if you want maltatransfer.com or you can book at the desk at the arrivals luggage reclaim. it is more than half price cheaper especially if you are going to be alone.