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Started by shanook, March 31, 2009, 21:07:26 CET

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I would like to have some information on fishfinders for deep drop fishing. Of course it has to be the miraculous type that is cheap, deep seeing, clear imagining etc.
What depth should I be looking at?
Transom, in hull or thru hull, flush type transducer?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I got into this dilemma as I was told by a seller that the digital hummingbird with a 600w transom mount transducer can see 2500'. I was always with the impression that one would need a 1Kw transducer.

Thanks guys


If you are looking for a good Sonar shanook for deep drop i would keep in mind Foruno and Lawrance.

As for a transducer the best solution is a thru hull transducer with its power vareeing between 800 to 1200W.


a 1kW transducer is reccomended for deep dropping however i have no experience in this area.  there are also the north star with some good models
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Hello everybody , I am new on the forum but not so new in spearfishing and sportfishing trolling , I need some help , does anyone have a Lorenz Compact 7
Sun Color GPS , fishfinder . ? it take C-MAP card. I need to check weather the card or the unit is faulty , Just got it from Lorenz Italy , ( upgrading unit & map )
but Unit is not reading map. would like to try my new C-MAP on other gps please .


heard that same map goes even with garmin modles. is it true?


dintex, have you activated the map?? it needs to be activated more than once, for security reasons
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Granitu .activated the map?? dont understand ? I had this unit for a few years now .and it worked quite good .  When i send it to Lorenz company Italy , they told me that they have upgrate it to morden system . i would think that you only have to insert the c-map card and it should show you the mapchart automatic . dont understand activated the map?? .


i am not familiar with your model, but the h20 model i used to import had a function of activation.

make sure it is compatible with the model you have

if it is, i presume it is an activation issue. can you connect the gps with a pc??
do you have a kind of product key with the card? i am guessing by trial and error my friend
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Guys im about to buy another fishfinder for my baby boat :P Where i go fishing i.e From gnejna lapsi etc.. it gets quiet deep very quickly.....I have a garmin 160c on mind with a Power output: 150 watts (RMS), 1200 watts (peak to peak)
and a Maximum depth:     900 ft .
I realized that little fishfinders skip the 900 ft depth range ...or maybe i havent discovered some others...
What do you think about the Garmin 160c and do you have any recomendations from experience.


ixtri furuno mil ebay 400 EUR. 400-500m


Mhux kelma hazina kiku.....

# Seven depth scales, from 0-10 to 0-640 feet
# Depth offset to 1,500 feet, maximum depth scale of 3,000 feet

- Does that mean it is capable of reading a maximum of 3000 feet?




From USA tehel id-dazju siehbi! Xorta jaqbilek imma...


Forget it the depth of 3000ft. Neighter with 1kW you can see 3000ft figure out with 300W. you will see up to about 400m(not always possible - depends on sea conditions) with 300W transducer.
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