Wind, Current - factors ?

Started by KenChir, September 06, 2006, 10:05:54 CET

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This weekend, on saturday morning, we were out on the first fads (tad-dilettanti) off the northern east coast (out from Xemxija)
Using rapala and dip lures and the traditional rixa and red and white squid.

Not a single bite! Spotted some lampuki under a FAD but no bites, they just swam by... We were out from 6am to 10am.

Now... the wind had just switched from NE to NW overnight and the swell was still NE. Then after that we were off to the Sikka tal-Bajjad, for bottom fishing. And again it was not as active as usual, very few bites. Maybe a total of 7 or 8 insignificant fish.

Anyone think/believe the current/wind that had just switched (and things had not settled in yet) could be one of the reasons? This because there weren't that many boats out fishing, not even on the 'sikka', so it felt like other ppl knew there wouldn't be much action, and we were the lonely morons with rods in hand!!? ???

Thanks for any replies.


I guess its possible, though we found the lures we were using were too big. Went down to tiny red and white ones and were successfull. So always try to keep really small things, it all depends on what they were feeding on and how aggressive/hungry.

Interesting about the current, you'd probably need to speak to an old timer fisherman if he was willing to tell you.  At least I don't know but things like moon phase, wind, and sea temp def make a difference.


i guess the one of the moon its good.....coz when i went out fishing in the same place (dellimara) in full moon i never caught a sargu,and thhe only time i went in no seeing moon i caught up 1&half kilos of sargi.    thanks to all of you
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Spoke with a Part Time Fisherman last night about the issue of current/wind and it was his opinion that when its coming from the North, the fish move way offshore, say beyond 25 miles. And when the wind/current is coming from the south the fish move inwards.



Yes that's what fishermen say. But I've recently caught some big ones 7 miles off shore when the wind was from the North.

But generally speaking I do think that pelagic fish move in close to land when wind is from the South.


I think its the current rather than the wind, but not 100% sure.