Started by shanook, June 16, 2009, 22:14:34 CET

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I would like to thank Baghira for the help he offered to pull the chain from under the big slab (mooring). the chain got caught underneath it and if it wasnt for Baghira i would still be trying to pry it free.................... :)P
Oh Busu helped as well by looking on......thanks busu (ghax malajr jiehu ghalih). :)PP


i had the most important role that of supervising the work


And I had the most important role:

That of supervising busu's dirty shoe and socks from drowning. :-\
He was so worried about this pair of old, crappy, unbranded pair of shoes, and socks with holes ;D ;D ;D ;D

That's why we are in this nice community (The MFF)
Once you may need me, and the other I may need you.

Cya shanook and bus......
'Fikom farsa ha nghidlek'
Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


i bought those shoes 5 euros. they are still good after 4 months


Busu, supervising, or keeping a watch-out for bees!!!
Can't wait to go fishing