Quicksilver 2 Stroke Oil

Started by Gazzetta, June 17, 2009, 13:17:16 CET

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Hi Guys,

I need to buy Quicksilver for my 2 stroke outboard and I'm finding different prizes in different outlets . . . anyone got the best price from any shop ??

Chris  8)


I have a Mariner 75 and instead of the expensive quicksilver oil I use Shell Nautilus TC-W3 which I buy in a 50L can at a much lesser price.  Needless to say its equally good!  You can buy it from Shell Offices in B'Bugia.


Buying in bulk is always a better idea, thanks for the info Polidmar about the Nautilus. Note that if you have a direct injection engine std TC-W3 is not considered sufficient......DI engines need a special blend or so the manufacturers say.


Guys I work in the automotive and tool industry.  Tell me what grades of oil you require and I will try to give you some prices from suppliers.



Extra virgin :P


Apat from the jokes lapsi. 

I am 100 certain that quicksilver 2 stroke outboard oil and castrol have the same technical specifications and mixes.

There might be other brands with the sae issue.

Kindly remember that quicksilver are neither oil extractors neither oil refinors i.e they buy ready made oil.


Mellieha: my steyr engine uses fully synthetic sae 10-60 acea B4. I buy castrol edge competition oil which has the right specification according to manufacturers guidlines. Engine takes 13lts. What's the best price you could get me please?
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as far as machines go, in the manual they usually list u number of replacement oils coresponding by brand, dunno if engines have that


Most engines have than fish-noob.  But the important is the specifications of the oil like The_Gaffer poster.

The_Gaffer,  I will wait for maybe some others to post and will bargain for better prices considering that I have also my stock to replenish.


It seems the topic when a bit out of route . . . any idea from where I can get Quicksilver at the best prices ??




I deviated from the topic so I feel obliged to answer your concerns.

The different prices for quick silver are due to various reasons.  I will list them for everyone's knowledge.

The retail price increased by about 1/5 from last season.
The importer is obliging retailers to predict their seasonal demand and purchase the whole lot together.  This in turn leaves it open for the retailer to increase the recomended retail according to the amount of investment he has.  Many are calculating the price of money in their prices.
Another issue is the fact of th 1 ltr, 5 ltr or 25ltr.  These all carry a different cost per litre.

Regarding where to buy from I cannot help you, but hope that this explanation helps you in some way.



Looks like more than an accounts/economics lesson . . . no offence hehe Got both of them and still studying so got your point

I just opened the topic maybe some users of quicksilver did some research on the prices of the product from different shops.

Chris  8)


i buy quicksilver from bernard of mariner. i buy the 4 ltr. last year it was 30 euros this year i dont know



Hi The_Gaffer,

Sorry for answering late but I had some problems with internet connections.

The Oil you mentioned retains at Euro 11.35.  They come in 1 ltr containers.  13 ltr *11.35 =147.55 - 10%  = 132.79

Hope this information is useful to you

In Thanking You