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Weekend High Winds Warning

Started by skip, July 08, 2009, 08:48:00 CET

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Forecasts are showing the wind this weekend picking up on Saturday from 11am up to a Force 5/6 by the evening continuing during the night and starting to drop by 5am to a 4 and then staying around F 3/4

It's the usual WNW so if any of you guys aren't sheltered take the necessary precautions.

I have no idea what's going on with the wind at the moment, but thank god we didn't try and postpone to this weekend and further bad news for us guys wanting to go out for Alungi because this isn't going to help.


i think it is time to think about realistic targets and not unrealistic targets like alungi
Good season so far.....


I think its time to buy a sailing boat and have Jonathan teach us all how to sail!


yep definitely with the fuel prices.... but a sailing boat costs as much as your boat skip to keep, i assure you

maybe not in fuel terms, but in maintenance for sure
Good season so far.....


Even friday doesn't look good granitu,Will let you know if we are still going for albacore or else we go bottom fishing for ruzetti cause i have a place for them  ;)
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Good season so far.....

Mahi Mahi

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, joined in lately. I was out for Alungi yesterday, sea was a bit swelly in the morning cause the wind was still near force 4 initially. To my surprise, whilst still less than 2 miles away from land, we saw Alungi feeding and jumping out of the surface. I never saw them so close to land and now I have been going out for them for at least 6 years!!
Anyway, they did not seem interested at all in my lures, being minnows or surface squid skirts !! We saw them 3 times in 3 different places in the 2 mile zone, I trolled close by but no results. They did the same thing that tumbrell/tunnagg do many times when feeding frenzy on the surface.

I kept trolling to the usual spots further out but no strikes for another 3 hours, even though we saw Alungi activity out there as well. Honestly, I went out already thinking I wouldn't catch anything cause I was convinced they had migrated somwhere else, but seeing all this activity and no strikes was a bit frustrating.

Anyway, spent some time bottom fishing as a consolation and cooked some freshly caught pagri once back home!


that's refreshing news Mahi Mahi, thanks for sharing!
I'd rather be fishing.....


Tomorrow morning looks good now with a variable wind force2-3.Even the weekend doesnt look that bad.We wait and see.
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


Mahi... I think the Alungi were not feeding. I had met the scene once and a seasoned fisherman had told me they were mating. We were at Fomm ir rih with our Vopi nets catching live bait for our Konz. I remember we quickly hooked in 2 live vopi and trolled down very slowly... NOTHING. What we caught was a terrific moment that you remember for life - whole surface coming alive over and over again...


Yes yesterday we saw them maybe 1 mile out of lapsi!! there was a whole patch that was clear from 1 mile away because you caould see the sea all spiky and white foam.


The alongi that enter the med are too jouvinile to mate.  What you witnessed was a feeding frenzy.  That could explain why they are not striking atrificial lures.  There's too much bait in the sea right now.  Also, That could also explain the erratic readings we are all getting on our fishfinders at the moment.  Too many conincidences happening at the same time.  Its a known fact that when live bait is available, the alongi prefer that to artificial lures.  Why ddo you think God gave them such big eyes for??...they can spot bait from 10's of meters down, however, when they do investigate, they see that its not live bait, and just ignore it.  This is because there is an aboundance of live bait right now.
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Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.

Mahi Mahi

Yes, in fact i didn't blame them much for not preferring plastic to fresh meat! What surprised me was that they were so close to land, but if there is so much abundance of bait fish, i guess they just keep chasing the shoals until their stomach is full!
Anyway, being either cause of live bait or because they were mating, both are highly valid reasons for not eating my lures, so I am not disappointed about my fishing skills!!


did you try approaching them and try some spinning into the shoal???
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