Trickle Chargers

Started by guido99, July 11, 2009, 21:37:10 CET

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Anyone looking for a good all round battery charger might want to follow this link.
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Mike you're going to buy one?


I own one exactly the same model and they are incredibly good. they have an option to use it as a power supply and it really works perfectly.
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Hawn xi hanut malta li jbiegh minnhom?


Skip. no i already have three, one for my car, and two for the electric reel batteries.
TaKinu,  i bought one from Malta from the people next door to Crosscraft in Qormi, the other two from Ebay UK.
Hey, what part of "Bring your own Beer" didn't you understand ?


Th agent is STRAND MARINE near Cross Craft in Qormi, have two of them on my boat excellent , even when i had a problem took it over and they changed it without questions. and they also check my batt for free.
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Do any of you use solar chargers? I use one to keep my 110AHC battery topped up between trips, even with the VERY LIMITED amount of sunlight we have in the UK, it seems to do the job on preventing it going flat.
I'm not saying that it will CHARGE your battery, but it certainly stops it running down between trips, mine has a little blue LED that flashes when there is sufficient sunlight to make it work, & it works on very low light levels. I would have thought that given the amount of sunlight you have in Malta, most of you would have a solar charger on board "just in case you forget" to take the battery home with you, this device will certainly stop you panicing ;)


I have one which i bought from white sales in ta xbiex,i found it very good!
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hi BLUESKIP I too use solar chargers to keep my boat batteries topped up when not using them,I got mine from,MAPLINS electronics stores, They do them in differant wattages so you can pick the one to suit your needs, the only problem is the higher wattage ones tend to be a bit on the exspensive side but have a overchargeing circuit built in, so you can leave them connected up to your batteries without the worry of overchargeing,GREAT,SHOULD be great over in Malta with there sunshine, am suprised that they dont use them already,


Hi guys.... I am using my Garmin 520s to read and monitor (??) my battery voltage whilst using my electric reel etc.... what voltage should I be looking at to take some action? I do not have a dedicated battery ... Comments?